13 October 2010

Anime Chord: Fairy Snow - Fairy Tail

This is guitar chord for Snow Fairy by Funkist, originial soundtrack from anime Fairy Tail.

guitar chord snow fairy artist funkist anime fairy tail original sountrack
I think it is clear enough. Please tell me if you get confused from what I wrote or you feel something wrong with it!


  1. harusnya , itu chord dipasang di atas lyric biar gampang buat pemula

  2. biar latihan advance... :D

    Can U help put it above the lyrics? actually I don't have much time, so I just write the chord.

    Previously, I've joined http://www.animelyrics.com/ (I found the chord, and the owner put it on the lyric), but he's so bussy lately..

  3. masih agak bingung
    tp mau coba sendiri aja ^^

  4. waduh saya nyoba2 sndiri ko ga masuk2 ya?

    bisa tolong dkasih liriknya juga ga mas? hehehe

  5. I create a new chord and I've share the link (Snow Fairy MP3) here. Sorry for replying late anyway!

  6. i can't read this without the lyric -3-

  7. Sorry, I think this is not snow fairy, but "snow" something else (I mistakenly put it as snow fairy. The correct Snow Fairy is here.

  8. Replies
    1. maybe someone feel ashamed for something and she/he wont identify his/her name

  9. itu lbh mirip ft. dilihat dr susunannya..
    coba naikin 1, jadi snow fairy deh.
    kreasiin menurut feeling aja, coz kita ga mungkin bisa 100% funkist wkt maininnya.. :D

  10. ft apa? fairy tail?
    emang ini fairy tail kan?
    jadi snow fairy? emang ini snow fairy..
    kok saya jadi bingung ya..??

  11. Ini untuk gitar biasa atau eletrik


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