08 December 2010

Guitar Chord: No Thank You - K On

no thank you Aki Toyosaki anime chord ending guitar K-ON original sountrack ost


  1. thanks a lot! its really really a big help! thanks... ^^ i get all the k-on chords that you'd post! THANKS once again!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooo ok THANK YOU

  3. Does this work on Acoustic, because, my classmates and I had to sing 'No Thank You' for our school contest ( I suggested that song, they liked it ), one of us has an acoustic guitar, but they don't watch that Anime. Does it work on acoustic? I don't really know because I don't play the guitar, I play the keyboard ^ ^;

    1. Koiisumi-san, thanks for breaking the silence here (no post nor comment for the last 2 weeks).

      About your question, my chord here is all basic chord. For playing a rock song like this with acoustic mood, I think it depends on how the guitarist plays it, and how the vocalist bring the moods together.

      What I can say is, my chord fits any moods people can play. But how well the moods reach the audience's heart, it is much affected by how you play it, including your variation and your improvement to enhance the mood.

      I also encourage you to record and share your show on Youtube or else. Ganbate ne!

    2. new on acoustic guitar just got it 2 days ago and still learning all the chords to it The Key of G sounds easy for beginners who just got their first guitar please give me some chords on this song to learn from the Key of G please thanks for offering

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