20 January 2011

Guitar Chord: Mr. Dejavu - NAJA

GetBacker OST Mr DeJaVu guitar chord anime NAJATitle: Mr Dejavu
Artist: NAJA
Anime: Get Backers
Comment: I don't care wheter it is opening or ending and who the singer is, since I don't watch this anime. It is an old song, but I found it's good enough. Thanks to Jap, I never knew this song before! And as always, I give you 'bold' basic chord there.

Anyway, the guy who posted this video on youtube (which Jap has refered to) didn't understand well what is "chorus". Chorus is a part of song which is repeated after each verse. It is not solo guitar session in near the end of the song (I called it interlude: a piece of music played between other pieces or between verse of a hymn).

And the last, thank you for Mr Anonymous who wrote a comment down here to show me who is the artist/singer of this song. I do appreciate your kindness.


  1. uhmmmm actually the singer is NAJA
    I watch the anime and love the song
    tnx 4 giving me the chords anyway

  2. thank you. I'll update the post.

  3. Nice and interesting site, keep posting brada


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