20 January 2011

Wild Tour - Demetori

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As you can see in my shoutbox, morgantouhoulover asked me about a chord. The song is Wild Tour, sung by Demetori, and was published as Touhou (a Game) 's soundtrack. You can find it here on Youtube.

Well, since it is just instrumental, and hard enough to guess where is the intro, verse, chorus, reff, etc., I write the chord as subtitle file here. I created and played it with JetAudo 8, so it wont be a problem if you do play it like I did. However, I also provide the lyric (*.JLR file for JetAudio and *.LRC file for Winamp) for you to embedd it manually if your media player wont show any embedded tag from an MP3 (usually ID3v2 tag).

Here are the files:

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