24 May 2011

Guitar Chord: Gin no Meguri - Sync.Art's

intro   C#m

verse   C#m A B C (4x)

chorus  A B C C#m (4x)

reff    C#m A B C (4x)

music   C#m A B C (2x)

verse   --like before--

chorus  --like before--

solo    C#m A B C (4x)

chorus  --like before--

reff    --like before--

music   C#m A B C (4x)

outro   C#m

Title: Gin no Meguri
Artist: Sync.Art's
Game: Touhou Eiyashou - Imperishable Night
This is Sync.Art's - Gin no Meguri, I found it on Youtube, along with some information about itself. Even though the song sounds great and complicated, if you want to play the rhythm, it is pretty simple indeed.

Gin no Meguri guitar chord SyncArts Touhou Eiyashou Imperishable night Extend Ash Hourai Victim is an Extra Stage theme. Very cool arrange. Don't got much more to say about that; song speaks for itself.

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