02 June 2011

Guitar Chord: Keikenchi Joushouchuu

reff1  C D Bm Em
       Am Bm C D C G

music  = reff1

verse  E B C#m G#m
       A G#m F#m B
       E B C#m G#m
       A G#m-C#m C Am D

reff2  C D Bm Em
       Am Bm Em D
       C D Bm Em
       Am Bm C D C G

repeat music
repeat verse
repeat reff2

music  Am D Bm Em
       Am D Bm Em
       Cm F Dm Gm
       Cm Dm D# F
       D E

repeat reff2 (2,5x)

outro  C D Bm Em
       C D G
Title: Keikenchi Joushouchuu
Artist: ?
Anime: Minami-ke
I know this song from the anime, Minami-ke, and never read the credit, so I don't know who's the artist.

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