06 September 2011

Guitar Chord: Sunshine - Monkey Majik

pre     A E F#m E
        D C#m Bm E
music   A
        F#m E
verse   D C#m (3x)
        Bm E
        D C#m (3x)
        Bm E
chorus  D C#m Bm E (3x)
        G E
reff    A E F#m E
        D C#m Bm E
        A E F#m E
        D C#m Bm E
repeat music
repeat verse
repeat chorus
repeat reff
music2  F#m E (4x)
        F#m Bm E D (6x)
repeat reff
repeat music
Title: Sunshine
Artist: Monkey Majik
Anime: Nurarihyon no Mago (1st session, 2nd OP)
Streaming: type "sunshine monkey majik youtube" on Google :D
I am typing this on my mobile phone, since tonight (the time when I write this) I don't have internet connection except on my mobile phone. That's why I can't show you a link for streaming this cool song (I use UCWeb browser on Nokia E70, can't open Youtube). Wonder why I bother myself to write all of these by phone? It is because I promised it to someone who requested this (see my shoutbox, a request within nearby date to this post of course).

Anyway, I following the anime and like all the opening soundtrack (two of them are by Monkey Majik, and the last is from a group band I don't know the name :P). All of them gives a dashing impression and is suitable for shonen series like Nurarihyon.


  1. Tearykin - what does the 3x mean?
    Does it mean play the entire line 3 times or play each chord 3 times


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