18 December 2011

Guitar Chord: Beauty of Destiny - Shihoko Hirata

intro   D# Dm Gm Em
        D# Dm Gm..

rap     C#m Gm 2x

verse   Cm Gm 4x

chorus  D# Cm-Dm Gm Em
        Cm Dm Gm
        D# Cm-Dm Gm Em
        Cm Dm Gm

repeat verse 2x
repeat rap 4x
repeat verse 4x
repeat rap 4x
repeat reff 2x
Title: Beauty of Destiny
Artist: Shihoko Hirata
Anime: Persona 4 The Animation
Streaming: click here
I just hear this song now. I did watched the anime but I always skipped the ending. Thanks Ren for pointing this out.

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