15 January 2012

Guitar Chord: Wanna be free - Lee Seung Yeon

intro   A G F G A
verse   A Asus4 A5 A
        F#m G E
        A Asus4 A5 A
        F#m G E
chorus  F#m G D Dm
        A Bm C E
reff    A G#-F F#m E
        D C#m Bm E
        A G#-F F#m E
        D D7 A# E
Title: Wanna be free
Album: The memory of Ragnarok
Composed by: Lee Seock-Jin
Sung by: Lee Seung-Yeon
This is for the one who was requesting (and maybe waiting) since 5 days ago. I'm sorry Edo, I just finished my end-semester exam. It is as if I have through a big storm. By the way, I write the chord only for the main parts. I think you can find the other part by yourself. The other parts are based on these main part anyway.

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