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06 September 2011

Guitar Chord: Sunshine - Monkey Majik

2 ♫
pre     A E F#m E
        D C#m Bm E
music   A
        F#m E
verse   D C#m (3x)
        Bm E
        D C#m (3x)
        Bm E
chorus  D C#m Bm E (3x)
        G E
reff    A E F#m E
        D C#m Bm E
        A E F#m E
        D C#m Bm E
repeat music
repeat verse
repeat chorus
repeat reff
music2  F#m E (4x)
        F#m Bm E D (6x)
repeat reff
repeat music
Title: Sunshine
Artist: Monkey Majik
Anime: Nurarihyon no Mago (1st session, 2nd OP)
Streaming: type "sunshine monkey majik youtube" on Google :D
I am typing this on my mobile phone, since tonight (the time when I write this) I don't have internet connection except on my mobile phone. That's why I can't show you a link for streaming this cool song (I use UCWeb browser on Nokia E70, can't open Youtube). Wonder why I bother myself to write all of these by phone? It is because I promised it to someone who requested this (see my shoutbox, a request within nearby date to this post of course).

Anyway, I following the anime and like all the opening soundtrack (two of them are by Monkey Majik, and the last is from a group band I don't know the name :P). All of them gives a dashing impression and is suitable for shonen series like Nurarihyon.

13 October 2010

Anime Chord: Fast Forward - Nurarihyon no Mago

14 ♫
This is guitar chord for Fast Forward by Monkey Majik, originial soundtrack from anime Nurarihyon No Mago.

Fast Forward artist Monkey Majik anime Nurarihyon No Mago original sountrack guitar chord
Please tell me if you get confused from what I wrote or you feel something wrong with it!
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