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20 January 2011

Guitar Chord: Via Dolorosa - Abingdon Boys School

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via dolorosa abingdon boys school guitar chordTitle: Via Dolorosa
Artist: Abingdon Boys School
Comment: If you think this chord is hard to follow, maybe I'll consider to create a lyric (*.LRC/*.JLR) file for it, like I've done for a song here.

19 December 2010

Guitar Chord: Tsuioku Merry Go Round - Fairy Tail

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chord tsuioku merry go round fairy tail

Guitar Chord: Fude Pen Boru Pen - HTT

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chord fude pen boru pen K ON akiyama mio hirasawa yui HTT

Guitar Chord: Go Go Maniac! - HTT

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chord go go maniac K ON akiyama mio hirasawa yui HTT
Learning requires patience and hard work. For anyone who feel hard in playing this song since I wrote it without the lyric, you should be able to --at least-- guess 'when the chord is changing'. I hope some lines below are useful as an example:
       C#        D#
yabai! tomarenai tomaranai
        Cm             Fm
hiru ni yoru ni asa ni Singing So Loud

       Bm                A-Bm           Bm  A-Bm
daremo motteru HAATO tte iu na no shou'uchuu
        Bm                A-Bm       A5-A#5-B5 F#5-E5-D5
GYUTto tsumatte iru yo kidoairaku ya ai

Bm              A        D                 E    F#m
  jugyouchuu mo MUSIC ni   kenkyuu suru Musicianship

Guitar Chord: U and I - K On - HTT

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guitar chord u and i u to i k on hirasawa yui akiyama mio htt keion hokago tea time

Guitar Chord: Irony - Claris - Ore Imouto

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01 December 2010

Guitar Chord: Juicy Extacy - Little Non

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guitar chord juicy extacy little non akikan opening anime chord no lyric

13 October 2010

Anime Chord: Kaze ga Soyogu Bashou - Monster Farm

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This is guitar chord for Kaze ga Soyogu Bashou by Komatsu Miho, originial soundtrack from anime Monster Farm.

guitar chord KAZE GA SOYOGU BASHOU artist KOMATSU MIHO anime MONSTER FARM original sountrack
I wrote G, G1, G2, G3 there since I don't know the name of the chord. They are basically G, but with some modification. I think you can find it by yourself it you listen to the music carefully. But if you still cannot find them, tell me here! I'll draw the chord for you, Insya Allah!

Anime Chord: Alive - Naruto

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This is guitar chord for Alive by Raico, originial soundtrack from anime Naruto.

guitar chord ALIVE artist RAICO anime NARUTO original sountrack
This song has simple and repeatable series of chords, that's why I just wrote some of them. Please tell me if you feel something wrong!

Anime Chord: Fairy Snow - Fairy Tail

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This is guitar chord for Snow Fairy by Funkist, originial soundtrack from anime Fairy Tail.

guitar chord snow fairy artist funkist anime fairy tail original sountrack
I think it is clear enough. Please tell me if you get confused from what I wrote or you feel something wrong with it!
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