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20 January 2011

Guitar Chord: Cagayake! Girls - HTT K-On

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k-on guitar chord cagayake girls akiyama mio youko hikasa hokago tea time HTT hirasawa yui aki toyosaki anime soundtrackTitle: Cagayake! Girls
Artist: Aki Toyosaki (Hirasawa Yui) / Hokago Tea Time (HTT)
Anime: K-On
Comment: This is an opening original soundtrack of K-ON (anime series), and I just try to find its guitar chord.
This is it. I write it on notepad, the spaces represent its tempo (even it is not perfect).
I'm lazy so I don't write it along with its lyric.

19 December 2010

Guitar Chord: Fude Pen Boru Pen - HTT

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chord fude pen boru pen K ON akiyama mio hirasawa yui HTT

Guitar Chord: Go Go Maniac! - HTT

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chord go go maniac K ON akiyama mio hirasawa yui HTT
Learning requires patience and hard work. For anyone who feel hard in playing this song since I wrote it without the lyric, you should be able to --at least-- guess 'when the chord is changing'. I hope some lines below are useful as an example:
       C#        D#
yabai! tomarenai tomaranai
        Cm             Fm
hiru ni yoru ni asa ni Singing So Loud

       Bm                A-Bm           Bm  A-Bm
daremo motteru HAATO tte iu na no shou'uchuu
        Bm                A-Bm       A5-A#5-B5 F#5-E5-D5
GYUTto tsumatte iru yo kidoairaku ya ai

Bm              A        D                 E    F#m
  jugyouchuu mo MUSIC ni   kenkyuu suru Musicianship

Guitar Chord: U and I - K On - HTT

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guitar chord u and i u to i k on hirasawa yui akiyama mio htt keion hokago tea time
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